Схема тдкс hr 8030

схема тдкс hr 8030
Front panel controls — disconnecting these may result in inability to even turn the unit on, erratic operation, and other unexpected behavior. The lighting and location are probably more important than how the screen itself is designed to minimize glare. First, the picture quality in terms of gray scale and color is generally inferior to a decent analog monitor.

The horizontal sync pulse from the sync separator or the horizontal sync input locks the horizontal deflection to the video signal. See the section: Monitor manufacturing quality and cold solder joints. Non-standard monitor mounting considerations Monitors normally are positioned horizontally or via the limits of their tilt swivel bases out in the open on a table or desktop. Note that while the monochrome CRTs used in B/W and projection TVs and mono monitors don’t have anything inside to get magnetized, the chassis or other cabinet parts of the equipment may still need degaussing. However, unless you are going to be removing the HV connector/flyback, it should not bother you. There will be three possibilities: It will work fine, problem solved. It will immediately blow the fuse.

The purpose of this set of guidelines is not to frighten you but rather to make you aware of the appropriate precautions. The deflection circuits must be synchronized and phase locked to the incoming video signal. Use clip leads or solder temporary wires to reach cramped locations or difficult to access locations. If you must probe live, put electrical tape over all but the last 1/16″ of the test probes to avoid the possibility of an accidental short which could cause damage to various components. There are several tons of force attempting to crush the typical CRT. While implosion is not really likely even with modest abuse, why take chances?

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